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Early in the spring of 2020, it was impossible to comprehend the extent to which the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic would affect and upend our daily lives and routines, or to foresee how long this once-in-a-lifetime disruption would continue. While we remain in a state of heightened awareness, precaution, and prevention, our staff at Bayside Docs Urgent Care are grateful for the opportunity to reopen our doors this month and return to serving the community. 

As your neighborhood urgent care professionals, our mission to provide quality medical care to you and your family is more meaningful now than ever. Our commitment to patient health and safety remains our top priority. 

Within Our Office

Although the times we live in may be uncertain, your medical care shouldn’t be. Our goal is to give you the best medical care possible in a friendly, safe environment, following all CDC recommendations. To keep our staff and patients safe, Bayside Docs has taken the following measures and implemented the following procedures: 

Mask COVID-19 Transmission Graphic #MaskUpMichigan: In compliance with Executive Order 2020-147, as well as CDC recommendations, all who enter Bayside Docs Urgent Care, including our staff, are required to wear masks when in the building. Wearing masks properly and consistently is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others.

Wait for the doctor from the safety and convenience of your vehicle: Although our practice is open, our waiting room remains closed at this time, in order to observe recommended social distancing. When you arrive at Bayside Docs, simply call the front desk at 231-933-9150 to check-in. Then, simply wait in the comfort of your vehicle until you are called back to see the doctor. 

New COVID-19 precautionary procedures: Upon arrival at Bayside Docs, and prior to being brought back into the office, all patients will be asked to answer a brief COVID-19 screening questionnaire, and have your temperature taken right from your vehicle. 

Thorough cleaning protocols: Bayside Docs has instituted stringent cleaning policies with EPA-approved products. We are rigorously and consistently cleaning our facility to provide the safest environment for our patients and staff. Our patient rooms and bathrooms are cleaned both after each use, as well as every half hour. 

Within Our Community

While our team is doing everything we can to keep you safe when you visit us, there are numerous precautions that you can take outside of our clinic, as a valued member of our Northern Michigan community, to keep friends, family, coworkers, fellow citizens, and yourself safe from COVID-19. 

Man shopping at grocery store when wearing a mask during COVID-19#MaskUpMichigan: Wearing masks (properly and consistently) is so important, we’re saying it twice! While wearing masks in all public indoor spaces, as well as crowded outdoor spaces, is now a requirement, as a result of Governor Whitmer’s recent Executive Order, it’s also the best defense we have against the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask can reduce the transmission of the coronavirus by more than 80%. Not only does a mask protect others from you, it also protects you from the invisible and potentially contagious respiratory droplets exhaled by those around you – including those who appear to be asymptomatic.

Stay 6 feet (or more) apart: Although the best prevention from COVID-19 is to avoid public spaces altogether, that isn’t always possible. When in a public space, keep a minimum 6-foot distance between yourself and others, in addition to wearing your mask. 

Remain physically distant while staying socially connected: Although we are all a little tired of staring at our screens so much these last few months, texts, phone calls, and video chats are excellent ways to stay connected with friends and family while maintaining a safe distance. If you must gather in person, meet in an outdoor space where you can maintain 6-feet between yourself and others. 

Wash/sanitize your hands often: Anytime you spend time outside of your home, be sure to regularly wash or sanitize your hands, using either soap and water for 20 seconds, or a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Be sure to also regularly disinfect surfaces that you touch frequently, such as car keys/doors/steering wheel, desktop surfaces, and doorknobs. 

The one thing that all of these preventative measures have in common? YOU! We are our own best defense against the spread of COVID-19, within our own homes and in our community. By following these health and safety practices, we can each do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, bringing us one step closer to a return to normal. 

While these are unprecedented and scary times, our team at Bayside Docs is here for you. If you have any questions about visiting our clinic or our safety measures, please give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you. Stay safe, and wear a mask!

Please note that Bayside Docs does not provide routine COVID testing for individuals, unless you have either the presence of active symptoms or recent contact with a confirmed positive case.